2020 Routines

Vault: Layout Yurchenko  (S.V: 9.4)

    Working: Layout Yurchenko Full

Bars: Giant 1/2, bail to handstand, clear hip handstand, blind full to double back dismount

    Working: Tkatchev (video in media), full in dismount

Beam: Bhsp- Layout step out, cat leap- side somi, switch leap- wolf 3/4, wolf 1.5 turn, round off- full dismount

    Working: Bhsp-layout-layout, front tuck, round off double full dismount 

Floor: Double pike, round off- 1 1/2- front pike, Front handspring- front layout 1 1/2, tourje te 1/2- wolf full

    Working: Full in, front tuck to double back